Ezee Style is our latest e-cigarette product. It’s rechargeable and still has the renowned Ezee taste and feeling that you’ll find in our other products but that’s where the similarities end.

Ezee Style has been designed by smokers for smokers to represent the traditional pack of cigarettes  - only better.
Ezee Style e-cigarettes are thinner and shorter than our other products and they come in a fantastic crafted black metal charger case. This unique case can hold one e-cigarette (battery plus refill) plus two additional refills. What’s more, it can charge up to three batteries at the same time, meaning you’ll never be caught short without your trusty Ezee e-cigarette.
After a smoke, simply place you e-cigarette back in the box and it will automatically re-charge. An LED-indicator shows you how much power is in the charger-box.

When the box requires charging, simply connect to the adaptor supplied.
The charger-box is magnificently crafted in black metal with print in silver and white, and the whole set comes packed in a gorgeous box which makes it an ideal gift for someone you care about.

Ezee Style comes with a charger-case, charger cable, battery and 8 x 0mg refills in either tobacco or menthol.
Order additional refills in 0mg,  8mg, 16mg or 24 mg.

Ezee Style is a truly unique and exclusive e-cigarette set and there’s nothing similar to it.
Price for a Ezee Style gift box now only £ 44.95 (save 50%).
Prices on refills start from only £ 7.75 (buy more and save up to 50%).