Ezee Pod System

On request from many loyal customers, Ezee e-cigarettes are introducing "Ezee Pod System". 

Your Ezee Pod starter set contain of a strong 400mAh battery and a magnetic USB charger. Remark that we ship the starter sets with an empty pod for safe shipping. Currently you find our batteries in black and silver, but more colours are coming in the future. Ezee Pod System starter set, which include the battery and an magnetic USB charger, only $21.95.

Our disposable pods, which contain 1.6 ml liquid, the double of what most the leading competitors offer, come in traditional tobacco and menthol taste and 6 different exotic flavours and nearly all in 3 different strengths. 

Price for an Ezee pod starts from only $3.49 (buy more and save up to 50%). Our pods come in boxes with only 1 unit, and you can mix the flavours and strengths as you wish, in order to give you the lowest price. 

Ezee pod System are for smokers, who want a more powerful vapour, than we have in f.ex. our Ezee rechargeable. With this Ezee e-cigarettes covers most needs.