We've recieved a fine review from Dave's Deaf Man Vape Blog, Dave says:

"This really was wonderfully tasting.  It is just like a Traditional Tobacco cigarette, very bold, very smooth, and very enjoyable.  The taste was remarkable.  I loved it from the first vape.  It vapes like a real cigarette, a lot of vapor is released in the exhale.  I was in love.  Really makes you feel like you are smoking the real thing without the harmful chemicals of tobacco.  These folks really did a real class job in creating a wonderful product. I would highly recommend these to any smoker that is looking for an alternative to quit smoking...This is it!!! 

Overall:    5.00
Quality / Throathit:    5.00
Vapor production / Ingredients:   5.00
Taste impressions:   5.00
Thank You, Dave.